• Lives in Montreal, Qc.

    Davide Zaffino is a Canadian businessman who founded DaviDev. He’s also the President and CFO of Rose LifeScience.


    Real Estate Development


    Davide Zaffino’s firm maintains a sizeable multi-million-dollar portfolio of commercial and residential properties throughout the Greater Montreal Area.


    DaviDev keeps the team’s expertise focused on the Montreal area, and they have earned a reputation for their local insights.

    Founder and Owner of DaviDev

    Davide Zaffino is a real estate developer in the Greater Montreal area who serves as the founder and owner of DaviDev Real Estate Development.


    He is passionate about his career in real estate and has been helping DaviDev grow since he launched it in 2008.

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    David Zaffino is a business owner and leading real estate developer in Montreal. In 2008, Zaffino established DaviDev, a specialty real estate marketing, sales and development firm now partnered with some of the largest developers in the Greater Montreal area. Owner and Developer at DaviDev ...
    24. Juli 2020 · Davide Zaffino
    David Zaffino is a successful and well-respected real estate developer in Montreal. Zaffino founded his specialty real estate development and sales firm, DaviDev, in 2008. In the more than ten years the company has been in business, it has become one of the most successful boutique sales,...
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